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London… what to tell about you? You know, when you hear a lot about a place and then you go there, you expect too much but in the end is not as good as you thought it’d be, but London is different. Before going there, I have to reconize that if I had to choose a destination for my holidays, I would have never chosen London, because everyone goes there, bla bla bla… But once I’ve been to London… oh London, you stole my heart jj.

What I like the most about this city is the plurality of cultures. Pakistani, Afroamerican, Chinese, and also rich, poor, hipster, punk, posh… all living pacefully in the same area, without racial or cultural conflicts, and well introduced in the society. In London immigrants have much opportunities than in any other country I’ve been to.

What I also liked was the clear mind of the people (despite the cloudy weather hehe). I thought the English were a bit unpleasant, but this belief was wrong. We got lost almost every night trying to get to the hotel, and everybody helped us so kindly. Even if they were hurrying, they stopped to help us. It was so nice for their part.

London is not a city, it’s a world. As  known, London is famous for Westminster Palace, wrong known as Big Ben (the bell situated in the Clock Tower), but there are other places like Regent Street that made me fall in love with London the first day. The problem was that we stayed there only for 4 days:(


  • Getting the Oyster Card would make everything easier when you get the bus or the tube. I don’t know if it’s cheaper, but at least is more comfortable, you don’t have to look for the money every time. You can get it at the Train Stations.
  • There are not so many restaurants where you can eat a big lunch. During the week we got fed up of fast food in bars or cafes like Starbucks, Pret A Manger, Subway… Takeaway food is much cheaper than dinning-in.
  • Most of London’s top things to do are free, such as Brithish Museum, National Gallery, Hyde Park, Tate Modern…

Enjoy! 🙂

DAY 1:

  • Trafalgar Square
  • Picadilly Circus
  • M&M’s World
  • China Town
  • SOHO

Mariona, their parents and I arrived at the city and the first thing we did was eating the famous English Fish & Chips! It’s not something from another world, just breaded fish with frit potatoes, but if you’re in London and not triyng this, you are doing it wrong haha! We strolled around London, coming across with the BBC Studios and taking the typical picture with the red phone box. Regent Street made us fall in love with London. It was crazy, a huge metropolitan area, with more than all the shops you can probably imagine, shops like H&M, topshop, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters with more than 5 floors… I don’t know if it was a paradise or a hell for those fashion lovers, because I can garantee that if I had money, I would have bought everything hahah! 😀

Fish & Chips!







Cakes in China Town

DAY 2:

  • British Museum
  • Camden Town
  • Covent Garden

It took us almost an hour to find it, but British Museum… We finally found you! I got impressed with everything in this museum… and it’s free! The British Museum is a Must-Do thing if you are in London. From Ancient Greek to Egyptian mummies, passing by Polynesian tribes and Japanese emperors, and thousands of books, parchments and sculptures. Everything that comes to your mind when you thing about history is there, in the British Museum.

Our next stop was in another world, Camden Town. Actually, when you are there, it seems that you have gone back in time, specifically, to the retro and vintage 60’s. I liked a lot its vibes, because it seemed like anybody cared about the way you dress. You could see punky guys with colorful crests with studded leather jackets or hipster with flowered patterns. Camden Town is a good place for those who like thrifting in secondhand markets and of course, haggling… Mariona and I got experts in that hahaha! We got a phone case for £8, when its original price was £15


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset





In love with my Bella Burger – @merions98





  • Buckingham Palace (Changing the Guard)
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • Tate Modern
  • Platform 9¾

The flag was on… the Queen was in! The main reason we went to Buckingham Palace was to see the Change Guard, and I have to say that it was a bit disappointing. Oh my gosh, there were in like 10.000 people. The good thing is that we arrived 2 hours before the change, and we could see it well. The guards only passed 1 or 2 times and it was 10 minutes long, so waiting 2 hours to see that it’s not worth. But anyway, the Change Guard is something that you’ll only see in London, so if you’re there, yeah it’s something different and cool to see.

Then we went to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, to see “Richard II“. As the Catalan girls we are, we chose the cheapest ticket that cost £5, but that involbed being stood up during aaall the function  (3 hours… baaang, so short!). Actually, we went to London to watch the play because Mariona had to do a research project about Shakespeare, but for us, the most important thing was the trip, and second, in the very end, there was the play hahaha (I’m sorry for those Shakespeare fans jjj). The play was written in lyrical, and in old english, so we understood nothing (well done girls, yeaah!!). So at the half time we left because we were kind of bored and our legs were dead hehe.

Next to the theatre, we came across the Tate Modern, a free art museum, with marterpieces of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein or the catalan Salvador Dalí. We have no idea about art, we don’t know what they mean or what the artist wants to express, but just went there to watch the exposition, as all the tourists do, I guess.

We just wanted a bed to sleep, but we still got a thing left to do… Taking the mytical picture in the Platform 9¾, from Harry Potter, at King’s Cross Station. The photo seems to be taken in a lonely corner, but no, we had to queue in like 10 minutes because everybody wants to have a picture here.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

canvi de guardia.jpg








Whaam!” by Roy Lichtenstein




DAY 4:

  • Stamford Bridge
  • Westminster Palace
  • London Eye
  • Jubilee Gardens
  • Hyde Park
  1. Stamford Bridge: The nearest tube station is Fulham Broadway on the District Line. The Stadium Tour and Museum costs £19, and I promise it’s worth it. Mariona and I are not a big football fans, but we really enjoyed the guided tour because we could enter to the dressing room, the press room and sit to Mourinho’s seat! We didn’t expect it would be than fun, and we’re looking forward to repiting that experience!
  2. Westminster Palace, London Eye and Jubilee Gardens: Probably my favourite part of London, despite the crowds. You can’t imagine how much I would like to come back in time and eat again that hot-dog at London Wonderground while listening to street musicians and feeling the sunshine through my face hahah. A ticket to London Eye costs £21,2 though we didn’t go there.
  3. Hyde Park: The perfect place to get away of the traffic, the crowds and the stress. Although a lot of tourists go there, there’re a lot of couples or groups of freinds chilling laid in the grass. You can also row-boat on the Serpentine for £5.



Mourinho’s seat











Thanks for reading!

Laura x


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