It’s fika o’clock!


On February the 2nd in 2015, I went on an exchange with my school class. Every year, students from 4th course of ESO (secundary school) participate in this exchange as the end of year trip, with a school from Karlstad, in southern Sweden… And last year was my turn!
We left from Barcelona and we headed towards Stockholm. It was a long journey (3,5 hours) but we hadn’t arrived yet: we still had 3 left by bus to get to Karlstad. That journey seemed to be endless due to the fact we were all very nervous and tired. We only wanted to arrive, meet our partners and go to sleep. We arrived at Internationella Engelska Skolan, the school we did the exchange with, and where all the families had been waiting for us. It didn’t take me a long time to reconize my partner Anna. Then I met her father Olle and her sister Sophie, and we got home, where Åsa, her mother, was waiting for us with a delicious dinner: Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.

Aeroport del Prat, Barcelona
Ready to take off!
Flying above the Alps


We woke up early and went to school, where we had breakfast. There I met my friends and you can imagine how excited we were, talking about our partners, their families and other stuff. The director of the school welcomed us and we took a group photo. That day was the sports day, so we divided into 3 groups: Some of us went to do curling (a common sport in Sweden), some others went ice skating and the 3rd group went barbecuing. We had to be a the curling’s pavilion at 12 I think, so before we went shopping at Mitt i City shopping centre. At 12AM we went to do curling. Okay okay, I have to say that curling isn’t my specialty, basically because I was more time at the floor than stood up hahaha.


Winter walks in snowy Karlstad
Waiting with the girls at the shopping centre



In the evening I went to Elin’s home with Gemma and Laura, and our partners Jenny and Anna. It was one of best days ever! We spent the afternoon making a chocolate cake, trying to learn swedish and doing snow angels and a snowball fight! (I’m sorry for the bad quality of some pics).






We left Karlstad at 8AM, and we went in the direction of Karlskoga. We spent the morning at Boda Borg. It’s an activitycenter where groups of 3 or 4 people have to overcome quests. There are physical quests (you need to climb, crawl, jump…), “mental” quests (you have to think) or both. Since I injured my arm doing curling, I couldn’t do some quests, but  I had a great time anyway. We overcame 4 or 5 quests.

We had dinner and we made for Örebro. Once there, we spent the afternoon walking around the castle and the city… and of course, having a fika! It is something very common in Sweden. Fikas are coffee brakes, often accompanied with pastries such as Kanelbulle (Cinnamon roll with cardamom dough).

And finally, to finish the day, Anna and I came home with Cristina, Alba, Erina and Maja and we played at Monopoly.


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We woke up in the morning, but this time, we were not going on an excursion. At 8AM we arrived at the school, time to start class. Casually, that Thrusday the open house had place there, in the high school, and my partner Anna and another girl, were the guides, so I had to go with them explaining the people the school’s functioning, the subjects, showing them the classrooms…
Once we finished the guided tour around the school, we had to come back class. However, as Anna had a swedish lesson, I stayed at the game room with my friends, playing table football, billiar or just chilling.
In the evening, we did a treasure hunt around Karlstad. We thought there would be something hidden that we would have to find (for any reason is called the treasure hunt), but no, it was just a walk (a looong walk) around the city. We had to get to a place (the church for instance) and then, our swedish partners explained us a bit of its history. We started divided into groups, but we ended up together (doing a fika haha).
The last thing of the day was going to Anna’s floorball training. Time passed a bit slowly, but it didn’t matter to me as I was tired of walking all the evening around Karlstad.


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In the morning, I attended an english and a spanish class. Everything is so different from schools in Catalonia, people can use the laptop at class (for educational reasons, though most of them used it to play hahah). Then we had lunch and we went sledding!! We spent all the evening up and down the slope. And finally, at night (8PM is late for swedes) we had our last dinner together and a party (that finished at 9PM).





“Dinner with the spaniards at the school”


Aaaahh, last day but not least. Probably my best day ever! At the early morning I went skiing with Anna and their parents. It was the first day I went to skii, so they had to wait for me all the time, because I was always falling down hahaha. The weather was lovely, good vibes were all around. After an hour, I decided to take off my skis because… skiing was not my speciallity (like curling). Anna’s father cooked at the bbq some hot dogs. It started snowing, and we were inside a kind of hut eating, drinking a cup of hot chocolate and seeing how the snow was falling down outside. It was amazing. Then we came back home where we rest a bit before reciving new guests… Anna’s cousins and aunt! We had a fika and played cards, and at 7PM, Anna, Jesper (cousin), Aïda, Paulina, Laura, Jenny, Carla, Elsa and I went to the bowling alley. We divided into 2 teams: Catalans against Swedes. And yeah, the catalan team won for only one point! And to finish the day well, we had dinner at a restaurant (I was told that in Sweden is not very common to go on restaurants). Oh my gosh, again, best best food I’ve ever eaten… Those spaghetti were so heavently! When we got home, Anna, Jesper, Sophie (Anna’s sis) and I stayed playing cards until midnight.




Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Bye Sweden… 😦

It was a bit sad saying them good bye, but in fact, we where happy because we’d meet in less than 3 months 🙂




Finally in Barcelona

Thanks for watching! 🙂

Laura x


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